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Do you know about Phishing? Take the Quiz!

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

As you may know Phishing is the term used to try and fraudulently gain your confidential details such as your passwords or bank details.

Phishing is done by trying to trick you into opening an email, clicking a link or replying to an email supplying certain personal details.

The emails often look genuine and are often from an organisation you know such as a bank, tax office, delivery service or even somebody you know.

However if you look at the email closely you can see that it doesn’t actually come from the organisation or person it says it's from.

There are many forms of Phishing Emails for example a common email which may be look like it's from your email provider or bank asks you to change your password but first you need to put in your old password to confirm that it's you. Once you have done this the scammers, which is what they are, have your current password and can gain access to whichever service they are pretending to be from.

Google have released a Phishing test to assist you in recognising these attacks and it works very well.

The quiz asks you to input a phoney name and email address and then tests you to try and spot genuine and Phishing emails.

The quiz can be taken by clicking the link below. Trust me it's genuine!

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