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There is never a good time for a computer to break down. But you can make a bad situation a lot worse. Or you can instantly make it better. All you have to do is call 662379899 and we will arrange an appointment to visit you and solve your computer related problem. We can provide a dedicated Maintenance contract for your business or visit your home for general fault finding and fixing. Our dedicated Maintenance contracts include preventative maintenance to keep your business network operating at its full potential.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Is your computer running slow?

Are you being redirected to Internet Sites that you didn't want to visit?

We can remove all of the latest security threats without losing your important documents, photographs, music and other precious files.


Since the Freeview Channels were moved to a different Satellite most peoples Sky Packages were just for watching Sky News and a few obscure Movie Channels.

We provide a dedicated service to replace these channels using IPTV. If you have a current MAG250 /254 Box then we can configure your receiver to obtain over 100 channels.

Internet and WiFi

We can install and configure a variety of Internet Solutions. Many people have standard Routers which do not have the power to transmit to all areas of a clients property. We can supply and install solutions to eliminate these "Dead Spots" from your property to give you seamless WiFi to the areas you need. 

PC / Laptop Repair

PC won't boot or turn on?

We can repair or replace faulty components for your PC or Laptop. We only use recognised branded parts and offer a full manufacturers warranty.

We also supply Brand New PC's, Printers, Laptops and all types of Computer Hardware and Software and deliver and install in your Home or Business.

Computer / Server Maintenance

Keep your Computer and Servers operating at their peak performance all the time. Our computer maintenance plans will give your business peace of mind knowing that it will not suddenly fail. Our computer maintenance plans comprise of Antivirus software checkups, Troubleshooting of hardware and software issues, file purging and Installing necessary updates and service packs and more.

Network Analysis

Is your Business or Home Network running slowly?

After a careful network analysis we will identify any potential bottlenecks in your network and carry out the necessary tasks to maximise the speed and efficiency of your Network and connected devices. 

Business Consultancy and Real Estate Support

We can provide professional consultancy to help forward your companies’ I.T Strategy.We can help you plan, upgrade or provide a detailed analysis of your computing needs.We have worked closely with the Real Estate Sector  and can help you maximise your Real Estate Business through our past experience. We can also provide training, support and sales of the Costa Del Sol's Leading Real Estate Package, InfoCasa.

Insurance Report

Do you need an Insurance Report for your damaged PC or Laptop?

In Spain the most common reason for claiming for damaged computer equipment are electrical surges either caused by Lightning or accidental power surges from your electricity supplier.

We can diagnose your equipment and supply a full report to help with your claim.

Data Recovery and Backup Solutions

Sometimes computers can malfunction causing disruption to emails, critical system files, database and user data files.

These “disasters” can often occur without warning and the result can be the loss of your  files including documents, spreadsheets and, most importantly to the home user, those precious photos.

In some cases, even if the files were accidentally deleted it should  be possible to recover the files.

We also supply backup solutions using both local and cloud backup solutions.

File and Data Security

These days many websites contain advertisements and pop-ups. While some of these are safe and are genuine adverts others are malicious and you are at risk by clicking on them.

Some website are phishing websites that fraudulently attempt to obtain your sensitive information such as usernames, passwoords and credit card details.

We can advise you about the best ways to avoid these security risks either by user behaviour or configuring security software on your PC or Laptop.

We also supply backup solutions using both local and cloud backup solutions.

New PC's, Laptops and Accessories

We build PC's to your requirements and budget to give you the most reliable and cost effective solution for your computing needs.

These range from "basic" home computers for general use to high end workstations for Graphic Design or gaming.

We also supply all Computer Related Hardware such as Printers, External Drives and NAS (Network attached storage) Drives.

Remote Desktop Support

Sometimes there is no need for a visit to fix your computer issue as we can remotely "see" and control your computer, server or laptop using remote software.

As long as you have an Internet Connection we can explain how to activate the remote support so we can gain access and fix or diagnose your problem.

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