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Is your Computer running slowly?

Then change to a Solid State Drive (SSD).

A traditional Computer Hard Disk Drive (HDD) uses magnetic storage to read and write data on a series of Disks or Platters. The data is written and read from these disks by magnetic heads which means a HDD contains moving parts which could fail resulting in the loss of data. If this happens the data can sometimes not be recovered using traditional Data Recovery Methods. I had a customer in Mijas recently, whose disk was destroyed by a power surge, and the only option was to send the disk to specialist Data Recovery Company in Madrid who eventually recovered all the data for a price just below one thousand Euros!

Solid State Drives (SSD’s) have no moving parts as SSD's store the data on solid state flash memory and the data can be accesses almost instantaneously. This means that SSD’s can be more than five times quicker than traditional drives and greatly reduce the time it takes Windows and Windows Applications such as Microsoft Office to load.

Solid State Drives outperform traditional Hard Disk Drives in nearly every area but there is a downside. The price for a SSD with the same storage capacity as a HDD is more than double the price. However if a large amount of storage is not an issue and you just want a faster Windows Desktop or Laptop then a SSD is the best solution.

Contact me for more information regarding transferring your data onto a SSD and instantly speeding up your Windows PC.

Free call out to most areas in Mijas Costa, Costa del Sol, such as La Cala de Mijas

, Calahonda, Riviera, Fuengirola, Los Boliches, Cabopino and El Faro.

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