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  • Neil Brearley

What is a UPS and do I need one?

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply which basically, as it sounds, is a device that ensures constant power to your devices, normally your Computer and Monitor, should a power cut occur.

Here in Spain we are used to power cuts especially in the winter months but if your computer is switched on when a power cut happens then there is a chance that permanent damage can be caused. If your computer was performing a disk read or write then your Windows installation can become corrupted.

The UPS contains a battery that provides power to your devices and allow you enough time to safely shut down your equipment.

A UPS also protects you from Power Surges, which can be caused by lightning again something here in the Costa del Sol we are used to, which can damage any of the components in your Computer. This could be the Power Supply, Motherboard, Memory or at worst your Hard Drive. If the hard drive fails and you don’t have a backup then all your data can be lost.

Your Computer and Monitor plug into the UPS and are provided with a constant “clean” power source.

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