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Don't lose all your Photo's and Files

Cloud Backup Solutions

Do you have a backup solution for your PC, Laptop or Server?

Would you be devastated if you lost all your documents and photos from your computer?

Traditional backup solutions have normally involved an external hard disk backing up your data using a scheduled backup plan or you manually backing up data to an external drive or USB Drive. Using an external drive or USB Drive is fine but what would happen if you had a fire, a flood or some other disaster that destroyed not only your Computer, Laptop or Server but also the copy of all your files that are stored on your backup device? Some people take the backup home, if they are backing up their office computer or store the backup in another location.

Keeping a backup in another location was a stratagy used by many companies who worked in the World Trade Centre. They stored the Backup in the other Tower to which they worked in thinking it would be 100% safe. You know the rest.

Cloud Backup is a way of backing up all, or some of your data to an off-site cloud service provider. It is a way of complementing or replacing your existing backup strategy. The beauty of this is once the backup has been scheduled you can leave it to run safe in the knowledge that no matter what should happen to your computer the data can be restored.

Cloud Backups are also the safest way to protect your files from computer viruses and encryption as the backup is stored offline and you can select how many versions of the same file to keep. If uou have a connected external hard drive connected to your computer should you have a virus that encrypts your files then the attached backup device has all it's files encrypted also.

However the major downfall of cloud backups has been the upload speed of your internet connection especially here on The Costa del Sol. The upload speed is more important than the download speed as you are sending information to the Internet not downloading as you normally do when browsing the Internet.

Now that Fibre Optic Internet is available in most places on the Costa del Sol i.e. Marbella, Calahonda, Riviera, La Cala de Mijas, Mijas, Mijas Costa, Fuengirola, Benalmadena and inland areas such as Alhuarin and Coin, Cloud Backup Solutions are the most reliable and cost effective off site backup solution if not the best backup solution for your home or business.

For more information and pricing regarding Cloud Backup Solutions contact me for a chat.

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