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  • Neil Brearley

Why can't I connect to my WiFi?

Many times I'm asked why the WiFi signal is lost in certain areas of a Villa or Apartment.

This is due to "dead spots" in your home Internet signal.

Basically your default router from your Internet Service Provider doesn't have enough power to penetrate all the walls and floors in you home.

Ipads and iPhones are especially susceptible to this as not much power is assigned for the Internet Connection.

You could get a more powerful router to replace your supplied router but these can only output up to a certain strength due to safety issues.

Another option is to use signal boosters. These are good for smaller properties where you may only need to boost the signal to a second bedroom for example.

For larger properties the homeplug kits are the best solution .

These carry the network signal over the electricity cables in your property and come in pairs, one near your router and the other to where you want the signal extending.

One of the best features of the homeplug kits is that you can have as may as you want so you can have a WiFi Signal in the whole property and when you move around your device seamlessly connects to the nearest homeplug router.

So whether you have a large villa in Marbella or a apartment in Mijas Costa

contact me and I will perform a site survey and suggest the best solution for your property.

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