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  • Neil Brearley

Fibre-Optic Internet, What is it?

Most people think that using fibre-optic to transmit data is a new idea but it was in fact first developed in the 1950's for medical purposes.

A fibre-optic cable is made up of thin strands of glass or plastic known as optical fibres; one cable can have as few as two strands or as many as several hundred.

Fibre-Optic using light to transmit data so in theory you can information at the speed of light or 186,000 Miles per second.

A traveler, moving at the speed of light, would circum-navigate the equator approximately 7.5 times in one second!

However when used in fibre-optic cable this slows to two thirds this speed.

The good news is that many areas in the Costa del Sol especially Mias Costa now have access to fibre-optic and at last have an Internet speed that is comparable to the main cities in Spain.

I myself had it installed about a month ago in El Faro, Mijas Costa and my internet speed has increased from 2.5mbps to 110mbps.

I can at last now run my laptop, phone, computer and also let the other members of the family use all their devices without having to shout "Can you get off the internet"

The companies who are installing and offering this service are:

Vozplus who are based in Las Lagunes, Mijas Costa,

Avatel Wikiker who are based in Calahonda, Mijas Costa and Nueva Andalucia, Marbella.

Olivenet who have offices in San Pedro, Riviera, Fuengirola and Torremolinos.

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