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  • Neil Brearley

Windows 10 - Unlock the Power of your Computer.

Windows 10 was launched by Microsoft on July 29th 2015.

At first many people, including myself, feared it was just going to be an update to Windows 8.1 but as time progressed I was surprised with the speed and more importantly no Blue Screens!

The User Interface can be recognised by users who are used to previous versions of Windows and it also contains some nice features which let you get the maximum speed out of your PC or Laptop.

Now onto the biggest negative issue...Automatic Updates.

In previous editions of Windows you could disable the Automatic Updates and download them at your leisure.

In Windows 10 Anniversary Edition this is not possible and it can be frustrating to shutdown or start your Computer only to have a message that it is installing updates and you should not switch off your computer.

There are ways round this if you are connected to your Router by WiFi but if your using a cable this is not possible.

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